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One more time for Anonymous

June 23, 2012
Posted at 1:15 am

I have written a number of times to, for, and about anonymous feedback. Here is one of my major frustrations with it:

I got this recently from an anonymous writer.

Just got around to reading "Read Dirty to Me" and
wondered if you ever planned to actually write
"Adventures in Babysitting" (or did you rename
that story, if it is in fact one you already have

Now how the heck am I supposed to answer that? It's a legitimate question, but I can't write back!

People! Listen to me. The government has plenty to do without looking at every person who emails me a note. I know there are people out there who feel like The Patriot Act means that big brother is watching everybody. There's a delightful show on TV called Person of Interest that takes that to the extreme.

But think about this for a second. How many emails are written in an average day? Two or three trillion? I don't actually know, but I do know that all the computers in the world can't record and examine all the emails written.

Nobody is trying to find out if you read adult stories. You don't have to remain anonymous. And if, for some reason, some official interest does come your way, they'll identify you by your ISP anyway. So staying anonymous doesn't really do you any good.

I know. I used to do this stuff. There is way too much data out there for anybody to be looking at yours.

Unless you're a terrorist. Or are a clear and present danger to others.

But I won't know either of those things.

All I'll do is answer the question.

And the answer is: Adventures in Babysitting was a fictional non-existent book used only for that story. It doesn't exist, and if it did, it would be a series of short stories about a girl, probably in her middle teens, who gets done by just about everybody except the children she babysits for.

And at this stage of the game, I'm not so good at writing that kind of story. I don't do sluts well.

Do I? Hell, I don't know. Maybe I do.

But I have too many other things to do.

So thanks for asking.

Whoever you are.