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Possible Posting Problems

June 21, 2012
Posted at 6:34 pm

By the way, just so you're all warned: There might be a slight delay coming up in the story. While I'm struggling to write and post two different stories at the same time, I'm also continuing to have continued computer troubles. When I had my desktop built (yes, it was kinda custom built for me), they screwed up their order form, and only some of the components I asked for were included, while 'minor details' like a heat sink and a means of disbursing heat were simply left off.

As a result, now that we're having a massive heat wave in the East, I find I'm unable to as much as boot my desktop, while my almost brand new laptop computer can't maintain an internet connection for more than a handful of minutes. Not only that, but I've got family coming to visit for the next month, so between all those, I'm guessing my big plans of posting this story on a weekly basis may cause some troubles.

Sorry about that, but sometimes real life gets in way of our best plans. I'll let you know how things work out, and when I'm likely to fall behind (i.e. miss a posting deadline).