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L&F Chapter 9: Why there's so much boring sex in the story

June 21, 2012
Posted at 6:27 pm

OK, got some comments which made me realize that I needed to clarify some things. It seems that I've been getting complaints about the sex in the story since I posted the first chapter, and they (the people complaining) seem to be confusing sex for the purposes of sex with it's use in a complex story.

The latest complaint focused on why so much of chapter 9 focused on the threesome, rather than on 'the plot'.

As I said to the people who commented on it, that's kind of what you get when you read stories on a sex site. Sometimes you find stories with sex, and sometimes you find stories with less sex than you want. However, the sex in this story is central to the story. The scene between David, Ellen and Linda wasn't about a threesome, it was about their relationship to Alice's friends, just as the weak sex scene wasn't about David getting his rocks off (it was about Alice both knowing and instigating the relationship between David and Ellen), and the scene when Ellen sets David up with his Ex wasn't about cheating (it was about the complex relationship between the three of them, and even more--as the next chapter showed--it was about the relationship of Alice and her parents).

Here, the sex between David, Ellen and Linda was secondary, what was important was what was happening outside the door. A group of young girls had just grown up several years in the course of a week, and they, with the encouragement of the adults, are trying to take on the role of adults. No, they aren't ready for sex yet, and they aren't ready for sex with their best friend's father--at least not yet--but they are trying to demonstrate that they're more adult than they were, at the same time their trying to find a way to crawl into bed with the adults and be protected by them from their bad dreams about what they've experienced.

Yes, it's a bit more complicated (aka. SLOWER than a normal 'everyone falls into bed right away' sex story), but it's trying to express some more complex thoughts. Personally, anyone who has a better idea how I can express these types of emotions without including any sex in the story, feel free to try it yourself.

I think you'll find, if you haven't yet, that I tend to go for nuance rather than just saying things outright. Thus my sex scenes tend to be about communications (in the case of "The Catalyst") between the characters, or about establishing each characters motivations here, rather than someone simply trying to get their rocks off. But if you have trouble seeing that, maybe this is not your type of story, because seriously folks, if you've missed that this far, then you're unlikely to get any of my other points I'm trying to deal with.

That's not to say I don't welcome your suggestions. If you think the sex is silly, or doesn't work, or should be changed, fell free to make suggestions, but when you tell me that segments of the story that are central to the whole story are 'unnecessary', I get the feeling your too busy looking for something else to notice what's happening in the story that you're reading.

One of the unfortunate things about the way I write, and about how i write sex scenes in particular, is that you CAN'T skip over the sex scenes, no matter how 'trite' and 'uninspired' they are. They're there to bring out elements in the story that can't be expressed in other ways, either because the characters can't say certain things in a normal environment, or because there's more going on that it looks on the first pass.

Now, if you think it's taking too long to get to the point and you're losing interest part way there, then THAT's a valid point, and I'm likely to pay more attention to that one, because then I can address it. But asking me to rip out the heart of the story because it doesn't address the cataclysm that the story is supposedly about, is basically telling me that either I've failed completely in my storytelling, or that you're simply reading the wrong story.

BTW, sorry for 'flaming' on you. But I want to make sure that people understand what's going on, and why these segments are included when they are included. I can hardly say 'The kids all started feeling more grown up, taking on additional roles and even challenging the adults in little ways'. Something this central requires a little more finese and a little more delicacy in the explanation.