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Feedback on Aelfric's Journey...

June 21, 2012
Posted at 4:01 am

As I've been working on this story, I've felt more and more that it has greater potential than the effort I've put into it so far. There are more characters and angles that I feel would lend themselves to this story that I haven't introduced yet. Essentially, I want to bring a stronger emotional dynamic into the story.

For one thing, I've felt that I want Artemis to be more central than she has been. I've been considering doing a rewrite of the prologue, that would have a brief introduction of the more central characters (such as Artemis herself), beyond just Aelfric. In my mind, I'm seeing a series of adventures that would be combined for a greater story. I think those reading this tale can see what some of those will be.

In short, I'd kind of like to reboot this story from the beginning and give it the proper attention it deserves. I'm still going to write James 2.0, but I feel Aelfric's Journey has more potential as a truly 'epic' story. James 2.0 was always a runaway teen fantasy to begin with, but I think Aelfric could be something beyond that.

This will by necessity require more time between chapters, so I suppose I'm asking for the thoughts of those that care about this story. If I do this, it will slow the story down much more, as careful attention to detail would need to be given. This means longer chapters, more characters, and overall just taking my time to do a good job.

I know that ultimately it is my decision, but if there is support for the idea, I wouldn't mind hearing it. I want to create a truly GOOD story, not just a quick and brief jaunt into another fantasy world. I Know I keep using the word, 'I' a lot. Apologies.

It comes down to 'big project', vs. 'little project'. My feelings on it are clear, I think. So, what do YOU think??