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June 21, 2012
Posted at 12:29 am

Bluedragon Torpedoed Me Again

Well, it happened again. Thank god Bluedragon's newest story "OSL: Morris Camp" was only six chapters, but the SOB has me so anxious for Ordinary College Sex Life 3 that I can't stand it.

I delayed reading the story because I've got deadlines, damnit! But I thought, well, I need a break for a few minutes and this story is at the head of my read list. So eight hours and no work later, I'm sitting here cursing at myself and him over the angst that is Ben and Dawn and thinking "NO! You cannot leave me here like this!"

Recovering from OSL: Ordinary College Sex Life 2 took me days, and these few chapters of "Morris Camp" just wrenched the emotion out of me again. I want Ben and Dawn together as everyone does and this story just hurts my heart.

But it's a great story. BD used some great inner dialogue techniques that really let the two main characters come alive. And the single tidbit from Ben's story that was alluded to in Ordinary College Sex Life 2 was now given a timing, but no further enlightenment on who SHE is. (I narrowed it down to 4 possibilities by the end of the previous book, but I still can't get further than that. I have 2 leading candidates right now.) Well, I'm just snockered now and I really do have to finish editing the interview for Saturday's post, finish writing chapters 13 and 14 of "Triptych", and get the other three or four books that are supposed to be edited and/or released in the next two months out the door and promoted.

If you are among those who have complained to me about taking a break when I need to pause in the "Model Student" series to actually do some writing and story creation, I sympathize. I really do. When I read a story like this I'm crawling all over myself yelling, "Finish the goddamn story!"

Enough. If you are a fan of OSL, read this latest work. Don't bother if you haven't read the rest of the OSL series, though. Read it all. It's only a couple million words.