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A "not my fault" delay for chapter 17

June 20, 2012
Posted at 8:53 pm

I sent the latest Bells of Tanah chapter to SciFi Nut this morning. A bit after 8 PM Eastern, I get an email that he couldn't get to it, but will try tomorrow. No problem. I'm sure the fans will understand. But... this may lead to a longer delay. See, come 4 PM Thursday I'm off to go see The Wall on its second stop in Buffalo. Gotta get downtown early, as Thursdays are also when there's free concerts on the waterfront so parking is going to be a bitch (this week it's Matthew Sweet, if anyone wants to go). Thus, given Mr. Nut is on the west coast, odds are he won't be done before I leave, and you all won't get your story before Friday.

Consider it just another brick in your wall...