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June 20, 2012
Posted at 12:10 pm
Updated: June 20, 2012 - 5:11 pm

New Wiki Page for 'Secret Garden"

I've spent the morning building a page for "In a Secret Garden" at my Story Wiki page ( - or you can find a link to it here via the Forum URL at the top of my Author Homepage. Note, this site is my official Blog and repository of useful notes and may (often) contain spoilers.

The new section has three pages of notes and character info, also a NSFW page that has some inspirational items, like a few slave collars and other pics, that were sort of inspiring for parts of this story. Although my site is flagged as 'adult' I'm not sure what the rule is on posting NSFW pics, so I may have to move these to a Tumblr page sooner or later.

I also have a Stultus Tumblr page ( with the same NSFW pictures as I have on the blog page, just in case. I'll also update new story postings there and probably some more naughty pictures to draw the Tumblr punters in and maybe make a few new SOL readers! Hehe.

The new chapter for "Under a Baleful Sky" is returning from editing and will be posting this weekend, probably Friday. I also have a brand new story also done that will be posted as either two shorter chapters or one very long one. Probably Saturday.

Other new stories are in progress!

If anyone is interested, I could use at least one more editor. I'm starting to purge down my Advance Reader list of folks that I haven't heard from in a year or more. I very badly need a listing of typos currently in "A Secret Garden" so I can do revisions and fixes next week!