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Still wallowing in the 'Slough Of Despond'

June 20, 2012
Posted at 4:10 am

Do sites like SOL propagate semi-illiteracy? The reason I ask, is that I'm dismayed by the number of stories that are littered with the corniest mistakes in the book. 'To' instead of 'too', and vice versa; 'taunt' instead of 'taut'; 'peak instead of 'peek'. I could go on and on. The worrying thing about all this is, that those errors should have been cleared up before the authors reached secondary education! In all fairness, I have to say that this plague doesn't just affect my American cousins, it proliferates in England too!

Another pet hate is 'Big Dick Syndrome'. I really don't want to read stories where every paragraph refers to a '10" dick' (sic), and seeing it is a sure fire way of ensuring I click away. Most of the reading I've done on the subject, tells me that the larger the dick, the less likely it is that its owner can have a normal sex life. If you think about it, a decent author can suggest a big dick without ever mentioning its actual size, a much better way of doing things, as it leaves it to the reader to define how big 'big' is. I won't even get started on using '10"' instead of 'ten inch'. Sheer idleness.

Sorry, I know I'm a boring old fart ...