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One chapter this week, and other ramblings

June 19, 2012
Posted at 2:16 pm

Well, the first news is that you're just getting one chapter this week. I'm looking at chapter 17, and even if I send it out short I doubt it would be edited before tomorrow, so I might as well work on it some more. With things going on this week, another chapter isn't likely before Friday. I'd apologize, but I'm on vacation this week and feel no guilt at not working hard.

I'm also thinking about where this is going. I've said before I see this as similar to an episodic TV show, the continuing adventures and so on. Well, I think this season will be coming to a close soon. We're closing in on the length of The Waifs, and it is becoming work. Not going to set a timetable, but rest assured I'll find a good satisfying place to pause.

Well, at least I'll think it is.

One reason I'm feeling this way is another story has gotten my attention. One, unfortunately, with problems. I discovered a "writer" on ASSTR who only tackles one subject, and is so bad you can't help but look. Not just his actual writing, but the fantasy version of this fetish is laughably stupid. It got me thinking: could I do a story touching on the subject?

Well, yes, but it's not something I could put on this site, and to be honest if I ever posted it I wouldn't use this name. There's a good chance I won't even try and write it, as even a first mental pass at the story threw up all sorts of realism issues. It may well be, though, that the part that interests me can be separated from the fetish, and I'll turn that into a useable story.

We'll see.