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June 17, 2012
Posted at 3:32 pm

End of Book 1 - In a Secret Garden

It has taken awhile to get our heroes and heroines to the End of the World! I had originally thought this was just a six to ten chapter story. Something quick and easy that I could just whip out in a week or two. No big deal or fuss. Unlike the big, big different EOTW story 'Brazos Abbey' that I had original intended to write this year instead, which is now effectively dead.

I also want to have more political based material in the story. I'm a moderate, so I thought I could poke a little fun at both the left and the right in the process... instead readers from both sides just became annoyed and irate at me, right from the start... and voting was much less than I'd hoped for for this effort.

I also discovered early that I didn't want to write umpteen dozen pages in a row of relatively boring disaster preparedness prep work, itemizing every box of nails they bought or their troubles buying toilet paper by the case. Yawn. I enjoyed writing that sort of thing but I didn't want to bore the readers to tears. Many readers did actually enjoy the later chapters of this sort of thing but I wanted to make it finite.

Some readers actually despaired that our heroes would indeed ever find the Secret Garden... or that the impending EOTW would indeed actually ever occur... twenty-five chapters later! I wanted to develop the 'mystery' of the place and provide an adequate character setup. That's why I always use the 'Slow' code, in warning. I almost never jump into things and leap to the middle of the story. A hallmark really of a Stultus story is that I do try and set the beginning of a story up properly, and the longer the story, often the longer the setup.

The extensive D/s subplot dealing with Kathy/Trixie did threaten at points to overwhelm the story, I admit... but I do think that end result was worth the journey to get there. Kurt starts off the story really something very 'wimpish' and with the growth of his love live, he begins to also grow inside and learn to take responsibility for himself and others.

If anything, that was the real message for the first twenty-five chapters of this story! Now our heroes (and heroines) will need at least another twenty-five chapters just to survive the aftermath, the first year after the EOTW. Not to mention the years afterwards!

As for Kurt and Amy's daughter... that's another book!

Now... please for me if you would, send me any listings of typos for this story so that I can get them all now fixed ASAP, early this next week before I get too involved in new stories for awhile!