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A 8.6.5 I can admire

June 16, 2012
Posted at 9:57 pm

I rarely look at the breakdown of TPA scores. Really, they're always all over the map, and so long as things hover around a 8.9.9, I'm happy. Bells of Tanah had just gotten to that level, the P score just inching over the required bar. Today, however, it dropped down to a 8.8.9! What happened! So, I took a look.

Someone gave it a 8.6.5

Now... I LIKE this score. I wish the reader in question had dropped me a line. Let's break it down: he thought it was reasonably well written. The plot wasn't an interesting one to him. And... the experience for him didn't rise to the level of the bad plot.

Gotta say, it's more constructive then all 10's or 1's.

I would just, honestly, like to know how far he got. I hope he was a new reader who got a few chapters in before bailing. I'd hate to think he suffered for all sixteen!