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Chapter 3 of Aelfric's Journey is finished...

June 16, 2012
Posted at 6:11 am

Chapter 3 of Aelfric's Journey is finished, and I think it came out pretty well. I'm just waiting for the editing process before I post it. Once again, a very special thanks to my friend and neighbor, The Iceman, a former U.S. Navy Seal who assisted me with the choreography of the fight scenes in this chapter, and the last chapter.

We actually spent several hours going over the fight scenes and how the choreography would play out in a realistic manner. In the process I've learned a lot, since he demonstrated each move with me in slow motion until I understood them, including using real swords to go over how they would be used too.

All the moves described are REAL moves, and could be dangerous if attempted without proper guidance. In other words, don't do it without an expert to make sure you don't hurt yourself, or someone else. I went into rather explicit detail of just how the moves were done, enough that you could conceivably do the moves yourself based on reading this chapter. As always, comments, suggestions, or positive criticism are always welcome..!