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June 15, 2012
Posted at 10:55 am

It's the EOTW as we know it!

Finally, the heroes (and heroines) of the Secret Garden are about to have their day of truth. It's been awhile in coming, but I don't really regret the long, long buildup to get there. Sometimes the trip is just as fun as the eventual destination!

Chapter 24 has just been posted, and Chapter 25 is ready to up this evening late. The finale, Chapter 26 will be posted Saturday evening!

This is the end of this PART of the story, but not the story! I may flag "In a Secret Garden" completed and finished, but the adventure will continue, probably in a all new story. I haven't quite decided yet. From this point, the story will take a rest for awhile, whether short or long hasn't been decided yet either.

For posting on Sunday, I will have the next chapter of "When the Hunter Becomes the Hunted" ready to go. I should have another new chapter for this done sometime next week as well. I'm hoping to also have a new chapter for 'Under a Baleful Sky' done by then as well.

Plus new stories on the way!
School is over and for now I have some writing time!