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Oh, a Blogging we shall go!

June 11, 2012
Posted at 4:15 pm

Yes, another blog entry.

First, you'll be happy to know a new chapter will most likely be up Tuesday. I can easily see finishing it today, although I'm at that fun point where I actually have to do some research before going on. Yes, you heard me. I find myself looking up the strangest stuff sometimes. So, it should be off to be edited tomorrow, then posted once SciFi Nut is done with it. I should have time to get another chapter done before the weekend.

This chapter will introduce some new changes. I may have mentioned that this story is unplanned: I intended it to be a bit like a TV series where you do a pilot episode then just see where it goes. That doesn't mean there IS no plan at all. I have put things in to set up future development. However, not all of those will be followed through on, and how long it takes others to show up is unknown. One of them is making itself felt now, though. Something intended from almost the start, referenced a few chapters ago, now intruding on our heroes in an unexpected but perfectly reasonable way.

Man, I find this kind of thing fun!

Oh, I received a letter from Aroslav the other week that addresses something that probably should be publicly commented on:

"I know you've mentioned before that you aren't fond of writing really long stories, but The Bells just has the ingredients for a really good long-term story. It's hard to see how it could be wrapped up in just a few chapters. Still, you did well on previous series with several moderate length stories in a series, so perhaps that's what you have in mind."

Bells of Tanah doesn't have an ending. That is, I'm not working towards one. It can go on so long as these characters, or their grandkids, are alive and doing something interesting. But, I can't see myself continuing to do one or two chapters a week indefinitely. At some point, I will pause. I may come back to it a few weeks later, months later, or not at all. It's already within 150 kb of the length of The Waifs, closer once the new chapter is up.

So... in other words, enjoy the journey. However long it may be!