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June 11, 2012
Posted at 8:49 am
Updated: June 17, 2012 - 9:01 am

Improving the technical quality

I'm very happy to have added another editor to "Triptych," Old Rotorhead. Rotorhead's been active with a number of other authors and has a talent for turning garbled prose into clear English. On "Triptych," Rotorhead is the last pass proofreader. After CJ and BlackIrish have hammered away at my storyline, characters, and tone--and I've mangled their contributions--I send the story to Rotorhead just before I post the final version. He's is a wizard at good spelling and punctuation and is a great proofreader. I hope Chapter 3 of "Triptych" marks a decided improvement in the technical quality of the story.

Of course, that doesn't mean it will be error-free, but you can only blame me for what remains.

Speaking of quality, I've opened voting on the story with Chapter 3. I have mixed opinions about the whole voting mechanism, but I'm a ratings whore, so not having it available for the first two chapters was painful to me. I like both the basic scoring and the TPA scoring, but remind you that once you vote with the basic function, it's set in stone. You can't vote on the story again or change your mind. TPA (expanded) scoring allows you to change your vote with every chapter if you want, and let's you separate out what you think about the technical quality, plot, and personal appeal.

Of course, what means the most to me is when you actually hit the "Feedback to Author" link at the bottom of the last page and let me know what you think--what you like and what you dislike. I've been writing stories for many years (not necessarily in this genre) and I've learned to listen to what readers say.

So, read away! By the way, this Saturday's Triptych Interview will be with the incomparable beauty and phenomenal athlete, Lissa.