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Delays, and Classical Music to write to.

June 5, 2012
Posted at 3:22 pm

Well, you'll notice a slight dip in output. Things are just going on, either taking up my time or putting me off the mood to write. You will get a chapter this week: it's just that I've just now gotten the first page down, despite knowing what's going on. Expect it before Friday.

One of the things that occupied my weekend was going to the last Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra concert of the season. I've had full season tickets for the past few years, although only a half season this time. They ended with Mahler's 3rd. Incredible... the trumpet player in the third movement was under the stage, and the children's chorus for the fifth was in the balcony with us. I tend to write with classical music going, as there's no lyrics to distract me. Two of my favorites are some of the many BPO recording out there (they won a grammy last year): Tyberg: Symphony No. 3 Piano Trio, and Suk: Fairy Tale - Fantastic Scherzo. Both are well worth checking out, as are the Polish Masterworks and the first Great Performances live CD that came out this season. I'm hoping they flood the market with cheap live CDs, to make up for my probably not getting tickets for next season.