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June 4, 2012
Posted at 8:37 am
Updated: June 4, 2012 - 10:17 am

They're Ba-ack!

The continuing adventure of Tony, Lissa, and Melody from "Model Student" is now live! The revised Cast, Prologue, and Chapter 1 have all been posted. I'm really looking forward to this story and am busy writing in every spare moment to get the story completed. This bit should get us all through the summer with some fun reading (or writing)!

[EDIT] Don't be fooled! I posted new material today. The prologue is all new and the Chapter 1 used to be a 1500 word teaser and is now the full 7,000+ word chapter. I promise, you haven't read this material before! [/EDIT]

It is not absolutely necessary to read "Model Student" before reading "Triptych," though it's obviously recommended, nor to read the latest version. I've written a prologue that will bring you up to speed on who the characters are and how they're related. It will catch you up on the major changes that occurred between versions as well.

Well, buckle-up. We've got a long drive ahead of us and I want everybody safe when we get there. ;-)