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The Duel...At last!

June 2, 2012
Posted at 11:47 am

Well that's the end of the story, which I hope you all enjoyed. There are questions to be answered, and threads to be followed, that may, or not, be addressed in a sequel, should I get around to writing one. Many thanks to all who downloaded, voted, and, most appreciated, contacted me. I hope I have replied to all those who took the time to e mail me, I apologise to those if I haven't.
I think the reason D&D had a higher numbers of downloads than any of my previous work has attracted must be down to the intro that Old Rotorhead wrote ….way to go ORH!
Any typos, or other errors found in the work, and there have been some(many), which a couple of eagle eyed readers have spotted, are down to me, as I have the irritating habit of 'tweaking' and changing bits and bobs of the story after it has been edited.
It was Zine, who encouraged me to continue with the story, after the critique group on the Forum were less than impressed with my first, draft, chapter. So if you didn't like the story then blame her!
I recommend Zine's stories to you. They are well written, give an insight to the psyche of females, and are as far from the 'wham bam, thank you mam', of the male written stories on SOL, as my stuff is from CS Forrester and Bernard Cornwell.
Jack G