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May 29, 2012
Posted at 12:05 am

A week away...

I'm jittery with anticipation! In fact, so much so that I've jumped the gun and have posted the complete revision of "Model Student" tonight. I added a prologue and cast list, cleaned up all the inconsistencies I could find, and expanded a bit of the first five chapters.

If you've read "Model Student," you don't need to reread the story before you can move on to "Triptych" next Monday. But...Do read the prologue to "Triptych." I recap the story and the overall changes. Most significant are the following items:

1. Names of schools: Pacific College of the Arts and Design (PCAD) and Seattle Cascades University (SCU).
2. The location: Now based in Seattle rather than Portland.
3. The names of the racquetball tournaments: The USA Racquetball Intercollegiate National Championships (was the "regionals") in Tempe. Followed by The Ektelon National Singles Championships. (Yes, I know the Ektelon is not held in Chicago, but too much of the rest of the story was based on the Chicago location. In the next book, I will move The Ektelon to its current location--Fullerton, CA).
4. The timeline. Just in general, everything doesn't happen in what seemed like two weeks. It's got a more realistic calendar.

Anyway, I think it's a lot better quality than the original and if you get a chance to read it, please do. But don't hesitate to start "Triptych" on June 4!