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Dipping into the reader mailbag

May 26, 2012
Posted at 10:57 pm

Well, since you only got one chapter this week, I've decided to dig into the mailbag and give some public answers to various questions that have come up. I reply to most letters, unless it's just a random smiley face in which case I just smile back at the screen and move on :) Let's see what we have...

Very Very Good!

OK, I admit that one isn't very informative, but I just wanted to start off with something positive.

"To Serve Man", that's a good one!

I had a number of comments on that line. Some may have noticed, but I tend to amuse myself by putting in quite a few little in jokes and references. It matters not if any of you get them, so long as I find them funny. This makes it all the more amusing that it was one of the most obvious references that drew reader feedback. I keep hoping someone will catch the quote from an old audio Star Trek parody in chapter one, or WHY the planet was named Tanah (hint- it translates to Soil, or Dirt). But, no... it's the Twilight Zone line that gets mentioned.

You describe in your blog that one limit for you
was the cooking in zero g but I am unable to
understand why there is zero g, sorry.

This writer then went into a long description of how any spaceship that accelerates will, by default, have some sort of gravity. He made a great point.

Why does the as yet unnamed ship not have gravity? Two reasons.

One, I wanted it that way. The ship in The Waifs, for those few who have read my other SF tale, has artificial gravity. This was mostly for staging reasons, truth be told: by the time I realized, back when this was going to be a comic book, that I could in fact do the whole zero g thing like in the anime Gundam, Martina Pilcerova and I had the ship designed and I had written scenes I quite liked that kind of depended on there being gravity. When, a decade later, I did the version now on this site I decided against going in and changing that. Part of the reason for the current story is so I could, in fact, play with a zero g ship.

As for why, in story, there's no gravity, the answer is because Daium's father wanted it that way. His theory was, who in the name of the Sacred Tree would want to go into space and still have gravity?!? Defeats the whole point! So, while the "Magic Tech"(tm) engines may in fact produce acceleration, they're also deliberately canceling out the effect.

So there.

Ahh i see i see. At first i felt sorry for her but
now i know her father got what he deserved and she
deserves to die to. Traitors should never be
allowed to live.

Man.. what kind naive idiot thinks a war can be
stopped by giving away troop movements.

I loved this letter. Really. I have no idea if he stuck around as a reader after chapter 7 (the letter came after I posted chapter 11, so he was catching up), but he is right. From a very reasonable point of view, Daium and her father are evil. Now... you, the reader, and the humans in the tale, have not been told everything. Things have been hinted at, yes, but you've not been told if the Orang themselves (or at least the government and military) are evil and should have been stopped, despite the probable consequences. According to the comment above, a German who tried to stop Hitler would deserve to die, and that may be an analogy that applies here.

Then again, it may not. You never know.