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The Effect of Vacations on Writing

May 23, 2012
Posted at 6:46 am

At least 3 of my most recent stories have been inspired by a vacation to Florida. I expect I will be including several more with a locale in the Florida area as I plan to have an extended vacation there in the near future. The story about the nudist motel stems from a TV news item about a fight between a town council and a nudist motel in the Titusville area. I received several nice comments from readers immersed in the nudist lifestyle. I sense that it is an extension of persona reaching into every aspect of a person's life. My characters in the story are not converts to the lifestyle, they are merely random bystanders stranded by a automobile malfunction. The compostion of the "family" group is quite unusual with one male and three females. The relationship of the male to the older female is "in-law" in nature and in my humble opinion does not constitute an incestuous relationship at all. More of "wife loving" relationship for erotica genre. However, the two younger but nubile females are neices and would fall into the incest category. I have put off the nitty gritty of uncle/neice coupling in the first part of the story because I am not certain I want to flavor the full story with the incest genre. A lot of readers get quite turned off by the genre and I can understand why as it is taboo in most circles. I have written quite a few stories in the incest genre but it has been more by accident rather than intent. Not an excuse just a statement of fact. I find that while I was in that same opinion up until I started writing only a short 15 months ago, I tend to have a more open mind now and can recognize situations that are beyond the control of mere mortals.