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May 21, 2012
Posted at 10:14 am

Two weeks

I'm two weeks away from posting the first chapter of "Triptych." Wow! It's hard to believe that six chapters are already back from the editors with few changes and I'm nearly finished with the seventh chapter. I expect that I'll have 12 chapters, or half the book, written when I start posting.

And there's lots of good stuff happening. Tony, Lissa, and Melody are adjusting to being a family, exploring new businesses and painting styles, and trying to figure out how it works when all three of them are dating one person.

So, don't give up hope!

The rewrite of "Model Student" is also progressing well and will repost just before "Triptych" begins. There are several "clean-up" things being done on this to make sure that the calendar is straight, Tony's classes are consistent, timing and names of racquetball competitions are correct, and school names and locations are correct.

But don't get worried that you won't know who is doing what in the new book. "Triptych" begins with a prologue that catches up the story to date and covers any changes that were made to the original. I want people to be able to read "Triptych" without being required to read "Model Student," though, of course, I'm hoping that everyone will.

And to reach a wider audience, the first volume of the new Model Student series will be released on-line at about the same time for Kindle and for Nook (and others). I'll be announcing that soon. The new series in book form will include "Mural," covering Model Student up through the painting of Tony's mural, "Rhapsody Suite," covering the second half including the racquetball tournaments and posing party, "Triptych" which will cover the first half of the new novel, and finally, the second half of the new work will tentatively be titled "Memorial." The stories posted here at SOL are being split for online sales because they are too long for normal works in this genre.

I'll be giving more details as we get closer to launch time. Hope you're as excited as I am.