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Chapter 27: A Whole Lot of Telling and No Showing

May 14, 2012
Posted at 11:29 pm

Ah, the 'after incident report' where Cate and Alex run down what it all meant. <grin> That accounts for the title, there's very little happening, just a lot of reflection over what occurred. It's a little more involved this time, as this chapter is more one of discovery, since Alex isn't quite aware of what happened yet, since he was shoved out of the incident in question. The 'detailed analysis' between Cate and Alex will take place next week, but there are a few new mysterious presented this chapter.

Speaking of mysteries, some of you may remember one of the mysteries in this chapter. It was originally presented way back in Chapter 17 or 18 (I 'revised' the initial usage away), but I 'forgot' to follow through on the details. This time the full subplot will finally have a chance to play out.

Also, for those of you keeping up with the previous discussion, there was a reader 'issue' with the ill-timed discussion between Alex and the three new girls. I think you can see form the placement of events in this chapter, just why it was a difficult fit in the previous chapter. I needed to establish who the women were in the previous chapter, since I couldn't just drop them in here without letting you know who they were initially, but.... That's one of the difficulty we writers face, especially with a story as complex as this one is. There's a lot of detail we have to establish, and sometimes fitting all the details in takes precedence over 'logic'. I faced the same thing in the first chapter of L&F. There, the initial sex scene seemed 'wrong' since it was shoehorned in between a bunch of other events which prevented my showing the normal development of events. Instead of showing a slowly developing relationship, I was busy giving news reports and showing other people getting killed. All necessary events, but it sometimes leaves the readers hanging.