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May 14, 2012
Posted at 10:01 am

Into the Garden... at last!

Many of you are saying 'about bloody time!' and I can't disagree. For some indescribable reason, I once thought I could tell this entire story in about 6-8 chapters. Impossible of course, considering that my story outline was a page and a half long (and still is a full half page long)!

Anyway, now they're just about there... and I hope it's been worth the wait. This has certainly been a wild story!

Now, our heroes get to plan for the end of the world and do a bit of doomsday prepping. That will chew up much of the next few chapters. I was originally going to write about six chapters of that sort of stuff but I don't think anyone cares that badly, so I've tried to make it as brief as possible.

I think they'll be just one, or at most two, more new chapters left to write. This bit of the novel (already over 120k words) ends at Doomsday + 2, or the Christmas Eve party from hell (and you thought the Labor Day weekend party was appalling)! Then I'll take a break and do some other things for awhile.

This will probably please most of you but some folks actually seem to be enjoying this story! Voting is still lower than I would prefer.

When this phase of the story is complete, I'd enjoy receiving a comprehensive typo report, so I can patch and fix before getting too caught up in my next project.