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Progress Update...

May 13, 2012
Posted at 4:50 am

I decided to accelerate certain aspects of the 'James 2.0' story, going ahead and telling both the reader and the protagonist what has been behind James' changes and why. I had been going to wait a bit longer, but both, because of reader interest and a need to find some solutions in the story, I've moved it up. Hopefully you'll enjoy the new elements I'm bringing into the story, and hopefully it will answer some of the questions readers have had.

The first chapter of Aelfric's Journey was an attempt to setup future players in the story. I've had a few concerns about the limited coverage of Aelfric himself in the chapter, but that was intentional. At the moment (chapter 1), Aelfric doesn't know where he is; for all he knows he's still on Earth, in a forest somewhere. So far he's only been camping and hiking, and there isn't much story to that. Aelfric's story will really begin when he finally encounters someone, which will confirm that he is in fact in another world. Aelfric will also learn a little about himself soon. Either in the next chapter or the one after it. It will depend on how the story develops as I write it.

I'd like to address another concern about Aelfric's Journey as well. The Elvish I'm using in the story, is in fact, taken from resource material about J.R.R. Tolkien's Elvish language that he literally created for his universe. Aelfric will eventually have the local languages implanted into his mind with a spell, but not before he is in a position for that to be done to him. Certainly not while he is traveling alone in the woods. At that point, I'll try to minimize the Elvish in the story, although it will continue to be used in the names of locations and characters, and at certain appropriate intervals. I am very open to suggestions on the usage of Elvish in the story, as I do want to make it an enjoyable one.

Thanks for your support!