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May 10, 2012
Posted at 10:30 am

T minus 25: First chapters off to editors

I'm 25 days from launching "Triptych." Last night I sent the first four chapters and prologue off to my editors to see if I actually have a story or if the whole thing is more boring teen angst. They'll probably correct some of my spelling, too. :)

The first four chapters have taken the menage through a month back together and their worlds have been tossed in a blender. Everyone has faced a crisis and more people are finding out about their odd living arrangement.

And school hasn't even started yet!

The next couple of chapters will throw another few bones in the soup and then we'll spend the rest of the book trying to sort it all out from among the tangle of legs and arms (and other body parts) in the big bed.

It's exciting. My characters have once again asserted their independence and done things I never expected.

In the midst of this, I have also completed two character interviews. I expect there to be a total of 10 of these, somewhat short conversations with the people you meet in the story. They're fun, but damn teens are smartasses when they're talking to an old fart.

Rewrite of first novel progresses in parallel and the clean-up is going well. If you read "Model Student" you should be able to read the prologue to "Triptych" and catch up on any details that were changed in the original. No need to reread.