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Progress Report..!

May 9, 2012
Posted at 7:29 am

Some of you may be pleased to know, that I'm currently working on the first chapter of Aelfric's Journey. Personally, I think it is coming along well, but I will wait until it is posted and you've had a chance to read it before I judge it to be a good story.

I think I've got a good set of characters so far, and hopefully you'll find them interesting. A major character in the story is an Elf Princess named, Falathiel, but she goes by the public name of Artemis. I think she has an interesting back story, and it is my hope her story will align well with Aelfric's.

I also have an old sage who will guide the heroes on their quest, and an old foe who has risen from his slumber once more. Aelfric doesn't know it, but he is the keystone of victory for whichever side can get him first. However, the side that doesn't get him won't just stand for it. They will try to assassinate him, as he is too dangerous to be left alive.

Poor Aelfric..! He has no idea of the puddle of poo he's just stepped into. Hopefully help will reach him in time. The enemy knows there is more than one way to lure someone to the dark side.