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Want to know ALL about me?

May 5, 2012
Posted at 1:15 am

Just so you know, I wrote this for my website over ten years ago, I have updated it!
I have decided to tell my whole story, from the very beginning up until today. So, if you want to know everything about me (sexually), keep reading. I am not going to go into detail here, that is why I took the time to write (in great detail in my stories) the things that I have done over the years since age 10. When you finish reading this, you will know me a whole lot BETTER (better than my husband does in the area of SEX).

Now before I say anything else I think I need to clarify one important thing, I do love my husband, I have always loved him, I love my girlfriend and I will always love her. While my husband and I live one life, I have to feed my lust. I get asked if my husband ever found out about my nasty sexual hunger, would I stop? I can say this and be 100% honest, "I don't know". Now if I was backed into a corner, I think I could learn to live with out the other men in my life, then it would only be Shirley and myself along with our many toys. So far over the years I have been very careful (I am aware that you my question that however so far I have been) As I write this, I realize that I could give up the men and Gangbangs as long as I had Shirley and her new dog Duke.

I am going to leave out a lot of names so no one can sit there and figure out where we live. Speaking of names, I very seldom use my husbands name in my stories. I decided long ago to use his name as seldom as possible. I am very content with our way of life and, believe it or not, I have received death threats because of my writings. I don't understand why people get upset with those of us who share our lives in print. Anyway.

I started having sex at age 10 with my brother. The first few weeks or months it was experimenting around with anal and vagina sex. We started with anal sex the first week, (hey we were kids and did not know I had a vagina.) We loved the daily sex and just never stopped. We never had sex with an adult and it was just the two of us for three years. One day after school when we were doing it, some older boys caught us in a place we always went to after school. They held my brother while they all did me. I wrote about that and called it "My First Gangbang." Since I was into sex the way that I was, it really wasn't a rape; it was just a new thing that I just love doing. From that day on, we met the boys every day after school, all school year long in an old rundown, abandoned house in the woods. Then every day during the summer months. On the second day (after the boys caught us that first time) they brought a dog with them, when they all finished fucking me, the dog did me. I discovered that I really liked having sex with a dog, I wrote about that and called it "My First Time With a 'Non-human`."

Until age 15 I had only been with boys and dogs. I experienced sex with a woman in her 20s that taught me things that I just loved. Once I experienced what she had to teach me I knew that I just loved anything and everything involving it in any way, I was hooked and at age15 I knew that I was addicted to sex with women as well. I wrote about my experience with her, and it is called "My First Time With a Woman."

From day one, (10 years old) it has been almost nonstop sex. At the time I had no idea why I never got pregnant. Well, to be honest, I really never thought about it and later I found out it was because my brother and I messed up my cervix using different things fucking me. In the beginning, we would use anything that would fit inside of me because it seemed that whatever we used, I really loved the feeling of being fucked with different things.

Around age 16 we moved and I left my little sex palace (that is what we called the old house in the woods that we fixed up for our daily fun.) The only times that we did not have sex was after I started my period at age 12. Oh I wanted it but the boys did not want to fuck me and get blood on themselves. When it was my time of the month, I would give my brother and then the boy's blowjobs. I got off giving them pleasure and I have always loved the taste of sperm.

Anyway, after we moved, I only had my brother to fuck me, and he who would give it to me if I would cornered him. He liked it, but felt it was wrong then. But it was always hard for him to say no once I began attacking him. When I was 15 -17, I would sneak out my bedroom window and walk around late at night (many times after I had come home from a date.) At first I would tell myself that I was trying to find another boy or maybe a man. I discovered that during those times I would get picked up by older boys and it was then that I would get into wilder gang-bangs, one night (well it happen more than one time) I was taken to a house where I screwed I think 15 - 20 boys (I only drank Pepsi all night, you need to understand, I didn't want anything to dull my pleasure) other nights I would have this craving that needed to be feed, (that was my craving or desire to have sex with a dog.) I found that no matter where we lived there were always many dogs around in back yards. I would walk down alleys in the early hours and slip into a yard that had a big dog in it, once I found the right one, I would visit him (or them) 3-4 times a week, for THAT kind of fun.

By my senior year, I had at least one date every night, (some nights I would have two or three dates.) I never went out on any date without having sex with my date. Even if I had just one date on a school night, Many times I would get home from a date and someone would call me, and I would be out the door to meet him or them (most of the time it was a stranger that got hold of my telephone number from someone else. I would go out with him (or them) and come home dripping with sperm. I was never without friends at school (boys), I had my own phone in my room at age 14 and it never stopped ringing. Some night's guys would call me up and we would just talk dirty while he would masturbate (and I would too) When I was accepted at UCLA, I realized that my life was nothing but sex. While I did get excellent grades and I was very attractive, I knew that I could not let sex run my life as it was doing. I made a vow to myself to cut back at college and try to settle down with one man and maybe have kids. (I still did not know how messed up my cervix was). I met my one and only true love at UCLA. She was my roommate at a house that rented rooms to college kids. Hey, $150 a month got me a lovely room and supper every night.

Shirley and I became very close. She, was like me, bisexual, and neither she nor I could go long without a live, breathing male to do us. Now, I was much more into sex than she was when we first met, and it was because of her that I was able to curb my sexual appetite those five years (with boys). I was going to begin my fifth year in college, but got married to Peter.

While at college Shirley and I would date boys, but every night we would end up in bed together, going over the day and giving each other pleasure. This helped me make it by without going out and fucking every boy in school. Peter was (and is) great; after we met and he graduated, he joined the service about one year later we got married. We went for our honeymoon on the lake. Our first day there, Peter went into town to get some forgotten supplies while I stayed relaxing on the boat. I experienced an incident that I wrote about and called it "My Nasty Honeymoon" in the story I wrote I was a virgin. I thought the men would like it better written that way.

After that day, I swore off having sex with anyone other than my husband (and, of course, Shirley). Once we were settled at a post, Shirley (who had been working in San Diego) moved to the same city we were in so we could be close together and got a job. Peter had a friend that I thought Shirley would like, and she did. Three months later, they got married. Since we were all friends, when our husbands got out of the service, they both got jobs in the trucking industry. So we now live in the same town.

I'm getting ahead of myself, after Shirley got married; we sort of cooled down (a little bit). I got wrapped up in our church, and she was wrapped up in her job and married life. We got together once in awhile and we would all go out maybe once a month together. Life seemed OK. It wasn't perfect, but I got by. I masturbated daily, (sometimes three and four time a day.) Peter and I had a large collection of porn, and he is a good lover (not a great lover, but he was good at one time). I knew that I needed much more sexually, so I went to the three adult bookstores in town and purchased the beginnings of my now large dildo collection.

About a year after I got married, I stumbled onto a couple having sex in a wooded county park. I wrote about that and I called it "Watching." It was the same time that I discovered the restroom in the park that I saw my very first glory hole and had sex in such a filthy place. (It is in the story.) Once I began having all that illicit sex that I loved that day with those three men, the woman and their dog, I realized on my way driving home that I could never ever again give it up. Hell, it was so easy to find men to fuck me while my husband was out in the field on maneuvers.

When Peter did get out of the service, like I said, he got into the trucking business, as did Shirley's husband. It grew and we all moved to where we are now. Shirley's husband got into sales, while Peter kept driving. Life has been good for us and Peter has made lots of money, which he has put back into our little ranch. Shirley and I were together almost all day long while Peter was on the road, I would stay with them, have supper with them and head home around 9 almost every night. Then I would go out. (Oh, yeah, she quit her job and became a housewife like I was)

Shirley and her husband had a large collie then that I love to be with, Shirley is not into that kind of sex as much as I am, but she loves watching me with Pepper (that was his name, he is gone now). Over time I found a man from church that would come over every Tuesday night for Bible study (that is what he told his wife and since she wasn't at all interested in going to a Bible study, we had the perfect cover). In about three months I had four men every Tuesday night. I had to make sure it didn't look obvious so Shirley would join us. (Oh yes, she loves gangbangs as much as I do) After about a year, one of the wives wanted to come along and did. That was the longest night I ever had. We actually had to open the Bible and read from it. The next week when Harry said his wife wanted to come along again, Frank (the supposed leader) got sick and cancelled it.

It was then that I started meeting Frank or another friend during their lunch hours and I worked out a little schedule for different men to come over different times of the week, either at lunch time or right after work. Not long after that, my husband began going hunting and fishing with men from the church and their friends, and before I knew it Peter was talking about setting up a club at our ranch for him and his friends. Unknowingly, Peter started up my little sex club right here at the ranch. He went hog-wild building his hunting lodge (as he called it.) He worked on it weekends and his buddies would come over and work, too, sometimes all night. When they finished, we had this big clubhouse between the barn and the house.

Sometime later the club became a hunting and dressing their kills at the lodge. They built a large bar, put in card tables, lots of chairs for their meeting every Friday night. In fact, it was my husband that bought the three pool tables and told them they could use the clubhouse anytime he was out of town on the road. He became somewhat of an activity director and he set up regular things for the boys to do.

Monday night was/is poker night, (they came over to poke me and watch our home made porn movies on the TV.) they never touch the cards -- so the boys now kid me and call it "Poke Her Night." Tuesday is the dressing night. That night they really do what they set out to do; I'm just a little side thing for them. They bring over the game that they have killed and hung to cure, and dress it in the barn and cut it up. There have been some Tuesdays that they are very busy and I only get three or four of them to come into the house. Wednesday is the business meeting night; Thursday is smoker's night. Friday is the meeting night. Saturday they all go out hunting and Sunday is sports and beer.

Now the way it really works is this: Sunday night is poking me night. Monday night is poking me night. Tuesday is undressing me night, (unless they had a good hunt that needs dressing). Wednesday the only business being done is fucking me. Thursday night it is my pussy that is smoking, and Friday I sit in the house and watch TV or read dirty stories on the net while my husband is out there and they are all out there until after midnight. On Saturday, while they are out in the woods, I am normally doing house chores. Sunday is church day, so we get started early, go out to eat lunch, come home and Peter watches some sport on TV while I make up the early Sunday dinner for him to eat before he leaves out at 3 PM.

To everyone around here in town our hunting and dressing club/lodge is a respectable place for the married men to go and be with each other rather than going into town to a bar. The wives accept it and it has worked like this for over 12 years.

It is a fishing and hunting club and that is why their wives do not want anything to do with the lodge weekly night activities. On the first Saturday of each month we all have a big BBQ for all the members` families, including wives and the children. Everyone in these parts believe our hunting lodge is clean and above board game lodge. Oh, it really is a lodge and it is always clean. The thing is, the boys do a lot of other things here besides just fucking me. That's my side benefit to being "the club secretary."

Every now and then I would get a desire to go hunting myself. Sometimes on a Tuesday, I drive down to Boise to play in the dirty video booths and just fuck and/or suck every cock that I can get hold of. I may go to one of my four favorite bars in Boise and be the real nasty slut and whore that I write about. You know, short skirt, stockings, no underwear, fucking men in the bathrooms, in the parking lots, in their van's and cars, just letting it all hang out, being a real nasty cock hungry, fucking slut. I normally get back by 6 or 7 Wednesdays for the evening festivities.

As for Shirley, she knows my needs and she loves me anyway. She will come over once or twice a month and join in. Like I said, she loves gangbangs as much as I do. Those times we both relish the cleanup time, eating each other and cleaning each other. That is why I love my cream pie pictures so. Before you ask, no her husband is not one of my boys, he is not a sportsman, and Shirley and I agreed that we would never fuck the others husband.

Now for the questions as to when do I write my stories. I always write my dirty stories AFTER a three- or four-hour gangbang at a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday night party. I like calling them "parties" but they really are nothing more than my married male friends coming over to play pool, watch sports on the big screen and, of course, rotate fucking me in my bedroom. I keep my dildos and toys in my sewing room, which Peter never goes in.

Yes, I do all of my screwing from Sunday afternoon at 3PM through Friday around 3 PM From then until 3 PM Sunday afternoon, (when my husband is home,) I am the lovely, pure, church going country wife. When he pulls out of the driveway, I am having sex. I am always in bed by 7:30PM every night and never with less than two of my married friends.

Now I know you guys, I write about how I love fucking so much, (and I do) but I am human, and I can't go all the time, all day long. I will wake up, masturbate for a good half-hour and not think of sex until the boys stop over for lunch. I have worked out a schedule for my boys, so everyone doesn't show up at the same time and that I have no more than two men at lunchtime and then two other men right after work. (They stop by on their way home.) This way everyone gets what they want and they don't worry about waiting around. And every once in awhile someone will bring a friend from out of town; I like little surprises like that.

Update: that has all changed, now I have four men who work the graveyard shift, and they always stop in after work around 7:30 AM and the swing shift boys stop in before going in as well as the men getting off the day shift. So now I pretty much have men here all day long way into the evening hours.

I have been doing all of this now for over 13 years. (Screwing other men behind my husband's back, which is part of the excitement.) Peter knows that I love him, and I know he loves me. When he is home, we do have sex, and he is very happy, even if I'm not. He just isn't long lasting or large enough, if you know what I mean. He will never find out the kind of woman that I am, while he is out on the road. This has been my lifestyle ever since my incident at the park when I got back into elicits sex. (Well, I did take that first year break trying to be a normal married woman, wasting a whole year fighting my urges.) After my encounter in the park when I found that couple having sex and the other man join in, it was just too fucking hot. Then my finding the glory hole in the restroom and then the three men and woman, well, it was just too much for me to stay the pure wife I was/had been trying to be.

I always get asked what my requirements are for my male lovers. Well, the main requirement to join our hunting lodge is YOU HAVE TO BE A MARRIED MAN. I have another requirement I started about four years ago. I told my boys that if I ever found out that they were fucking any other woman besides their wife (and me) that they would be thrown out of the lodge gangbangs. You see, I am a very jealous woman; I do not like sharing my men with anyone other than their own wife, (and Shirley of course.)

You know by now that I love everyone, maybe (and I hope) you can be next!