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Fuck I am hot right now!

April 29, 2012
Posted at 1:08 am

I am so fucking hot right now, Peter and I went to bed and made love, but tonight he only fucked me one time, very little foreplay, he didn't even eat me tonight. I know he worked hard all day and was really tired, but I need more than one time. I laid there listening to him snore and I got out my big rubber cock from my night stand and put it in. I fucked myself a good 30 minutes climaxing four times and he kept right on snoring away. I really got into it, I wanted him to wake up as I was slamming that cock in and out of my cunt. I wanted him to see just how fucking horny I was with him getting me off only one time. I make it through the weekends when he is home because Peter always is such a great lover. He always eats me to two climaxes before he fucks me and we sixty-nine when he comes in me cleaning each other. I get him hard and we always do it again.
He and our friends worked all day in the barn redoing stuff. I was a good girl all day I didn't even fuck myself. Oh I masturbated six different times, but I was saving myself for him tonight and I now know I shouldn't have I had a chance to get Kenny to give a a fast fuck when he came into the house. But Noooo I had to be good. I knew Peter was out in the barn with the other boys I had plenty of time. I did give Kenny a quick blow job. But I should have had him fuck me. Oh I came alright when I sucked his cock (that was one of the six times I masturbated.) I should have followed through and had him fuck me in my asshole, as I was bent over looking out the back screen door. (I do that now and then when he is out of the house in the back or the club house.) Right now Peter is in the bedroom dead to the world and here I am with my cunt on fire. I cannot wait for him to get on the road tomorrow he leaves at three. If the boys are here at three in the club house as He drives out, I'll be bent over the pool table before his truck hits the pavement from our driveway. No one can imagine the feeling running through me when I watch Peters truck driving down our driveway and I am bent over watching him leave with one of the boys behind me and his cock in my cunt or my asshole. It is going to be so very hard at church in the morning not to grab one of them and get some relief down stairs in one of the vacant storerooms. I have dome that maybe five times over the past six or seven years. Imagine if you had a hard on for hours and no way to really get off. Well that is how I feel right now. I need a man to fuck me I need some sperm in side my body. Maybe Peter will have mercy on me in the morning and fuck me before we leave for church. Part of my problem is, I have to be there early because I am in the choir and we sing tomorrow, so if Peter won't fuck me before we leave, It will be after one before we get back home. So I may be in for a day of suffering, well until he leaves that is. I am going to sit here and read a dirty story and fuck myself a while maybe I can get rid of this tension and get some sleep. Sorry to carry on, but right now I have no one to palk to so I figured if I am so fucking hot and miserable, I may as well turn on some man who likes reading my blog so he can get off thinking of me sitting here with my cunt dripping with desire knowing that if a platoon of soldiers walked in here right now I would fuck them all one after anther and three at a time, over and over again until I drained every one of their balls two or more times. When I get like this I throw caution to the wind. Well bye for now and just picture me here reading a dirty filthy story fucking myself over and over until I get sleepy.