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The Randomness of Story Lines

April 28, 2012
Posted at 3:27 pm

I wrote two stories yesterday that were totally unconnected. One of the stories was a continuation of the the story called "The Village Arts Center" and the other is a new fetish story about a fixation on shoes. In the first case, the continued story develops more insight into the motivations of Tricia, Trudy and David as they meet new friends and experience new sensations. This really is a story of another time and a different set of values. It is a story of immaturity and of naive hedonism. The incest aspect of it is strictly coincidental and not the main focus at all. Trudy is willing to be submissive in almost any circumstance but does not see herself in that sense. Tricia is so confused by her relationship with Rebecca that she suspects herself to be a lesbian even though the the thought of cock fills her dreams at night. David is willing to serve as a cock stand in for his sister's pleasure and like most young lads will stick it in any willing female hole he can find. Thoughts of love have not yet penetrated into any of their brains as yet and perhaps that is a good thing after all. The other story is a new story about a young man's fetish for female scents. It starts as a panty sniffing fetish and moves up to the more sordid scents of sweaty female feet and pungent female armpits. He has taken a liking to his mother's scents but would be mortified if she ever discovered his abnormal sexual appitites. Of course, she does find out and she takes her revenge the old fashioned way. She makes him do a lot more than just be an impartial bystander. Jeff's new job is the perfect environment for him to realize his innermost desires and he meets a like-minded female who might just guide him back to the road of normalcy, whatever that might be.