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Well, that's a record

April 25, 2012
Posted at 11:27 pm

SciFi Nut won't be getting to chapter 5 until sometime Thursday, so that's when it'll probably be posted. Sorry for the delay, but that's life. Gonna shoot for Monday for chapter 6, but as always I'd rather wait then just rush things.

I took a quick look at the downloads, and 1500 have looked at chapter 4. Gotta say, that's a record. The Waifs, at its height (before I started having fun and pissing off readers with the pre-planned late story plot) got a touch over 1400 reads a chapter. We'll see how many of you stick around. Over on ASSTR, chapter four had another thousand or so readers as of Sunday. Readership over there is rather inconsistent, to say the least, and given my readership patterns at the site I don't blame them. I find it really amusing when one week 1400 read the new chapter via ftp (using the web) and 400 see the story web page, and the next chapter 300 use ftp and 800 go to the web page. It's obviously easier to download for your personal library using ftp, but I seem to have a varied audience as far as what they want.

They are united, though, in not writing.