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April 25, 2012
Posted at 1:12 pm

The Cousin Linda Series has been removed from The OLD FART Group and StoriesOnLine. It will be submitted as a Kindle book by the end of this week so it should be available for download early next week.

Since real people's names were used throughout the book, they've all been changed to protect me from my cousins. The new series will be called The Cousin Wendy Stories. It will be published under the name Al Sloan. There will be five volumes, each containing from 2 - 4 of the original 14 books. Then, there will be a final volume, A Wendy Wedding.

A bunch of you have read some or all of them. I need some reviews to get me onto the top of the listings so people will be able to find it. I am willing to send out some advance copies of the first volume if you promise that you will review it and submit your review to Amazon.com. Volume 1 will contain Christmas, Valentine's Day and St Patrick's Day.

I posted announcements of this well in advance, on both sites. If you missed out on downloading your own copy, this may be your last chance. Please don't screw me on this. I give you a free copy, you give me a review. You get to read it again, only this time with pictures. More people realize it's available, they buy it, I join the 1%. Win-Win.

If you're interested, send me an email.

Pete / The OLD FART