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Notes on My Writing

April 24, 2012
Posted at 11:04 am

In case somebody's wondering, I'm no professional writer.

I do this stuff while balancing a full-time job that, yes, takes me on the road for extended periods, and I live at home with a teen-aged son. Prior to the last couple of years, almost all my writing was of a technical nature.

I started writing these stories because I never quite found stories from other authors that met my desires.

I know some writers sit down and outline the story, define major and minor characters, put together vignettes of scenes and work out timelines. That's not me. i sit down in the evening with my laptop and start rolling. I try to go back and verify that there's good consistency and continuity, but occasionally things fall through the cracks.

Writing is what I do for fun. I've actually made a few bucks ghost-writing for others, but it's not enough to give up an almost six figure day job.

I hope you continue to find enjoyment with what I write.