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April 20, 2012
Posted at 1:05 pm

That's All, Folks!

Yesterday I posted the final chapter of "Model Student" and an Afterword this morning that includes a teaser for the upcoming sequel, "Triptych." A short teaser! I'll start posting "Triptych" in June.

This has been a phenomenal ride and I want to thank both my editors, CJ and BlackIrish, as well as all the readers and those who have written to tell me what they think of the story. I've told each of you and I repeat here: You keep me inspired and motivated.

Due to some inner machinations of the site, the Afterword did not post as an update today even though the post times are more than 24 hours apart. So, you might not have seen the update notice. Check it out. I think you'll like some of what is pointed to in this teaser.

CJ and BlackIrish are working on editing the first six chapters, which were all posted before they started editing. As soon as they've finished, I'll start pulling things together and correcting the early part of the story. I'll get these updates posted as soon as possible. About the same time as I start posting "Triptych," I'll also be releasing an ebook version of "Model Student" (possibly with a different title and definitely not the whole story that you've read here on SOL) on Amazon and Nook. It might even get a paperback release.

I'll keep you posted here on the development of "Triptych" over the next two months. The outline is currently 12 chapters, but that's what my original outline was for "Model Student," too. I have a list of missing elements almost as long as the story itself and it isn't near where I want to end the story. And if you think it's all fun and games for Tony, Melody, and Lissa from here on out, you haven't been paying attention. There's no hero if there's no challenge.

Well, I'm off to write now. See you all again soon!