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The Bells of Tanah 4, and other stuff

April 19, 2012
Posted at 11:32 pm

Well, I can't say I expected the first "chapter" of the story to take four chapters, but setups take time. Now they're on their way, and I can just have fun. You readers may not, but that's not my problem!

How's the reaction to the story? Well, the first chapter got some fun negative scores, including two 5's for technical. If nothing else that means the scores are constantly slowly increasing, which I must say is better then having the first rush of scores be all 10's then watching them drop down to 7's as the more sane readers weigh in. I've never rated a story myself, so really have no dog in that fight. As far as readership goes, I'll wait until after this chapter until I really take the numbers seriously. Up till now, you guys didn't know what type of story this was going to be, so it would be reasonable to lose some of you. I know I've stopped reading otherwise good stories because they went left and I was in the mood for right.