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The Innocent Edge of Forbidden Desire

April 19, 2012
Posted at 10:48 pm

Many of my new stories don't meet the under-14 prohibition at SOL, but they can be found at ASSTR. One I'm particularly fond of is "The Innocent Edge of Forbidden Desire" (
A pedophile is alone with a 5-year-old girl for the day, and the story follows his impure thoughts in tandem with the completely innocent fun they actually have together. It's a "no sex" story, but still didn't make the cut at SOL due to pedophilic imagery.

There's also been "Miss Catherine and the Butler" (another slowly developing story with a man and young girl), "The Father Becomes God" (sequel to "Father of Humanity", featuring some charming lewd verse), and "Vaccinating Little Girls" (good old megalomaniac stroke story). All stories at