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More About Jenny's Ordeal

April 18, 2012
Posted at 11:50 am
Updated: April 29, 2012 - 7:21 am

It seems that the story seems to be too long?
Actually the 55 chapters are almost all stories that stand alone(?)

Jenny's husband is temporairly disabled. The family is under incredible financial distress. Jenny is forced to take a job with a manipulative owner of a marketing firm. He makes an incredible amount of money and gains clients based on his sexual manipulation of Jenny. It is either submit to him or their family will be homeless

Since the story was getting long, I wrote another story to introduce Jenny's mother and daughters. That part was arbitrairly inserted into the main story. It could have been inserted anywhere.

Starting about chapter 14, Jenny, her mother and daughters are defiled on a trip to Barcelona. After they get out of it, Jenny's mother and one of the daughters go to a little town in Nebraska, where the grandmother has slowly built a respectable life for herself.

There are more attacks and debasement along with being kidnapped and taken to Mexico to work in a whorehouse.

They finally escape and go to Canada, where they live in seclusion, like fugitives in the witness protection program.

The part about Jenny's mother (Ginny) and the grandaughter, goes from chapter 14 through 40.
My favorite scene is in chapter 26, where the grandmother (Ginny) is forced into an exhibition sequence in a public restaurant that would make Sharon Stone's scene in "Basic Instinct" look like a children's story. See what you think!

After chapter Forty, the story switches back to Jenny and her husband. Her husband, who starts out as a devoted and loving husband, soon grows resentful at Jenny's business sucess, and starts putting her through his own torment to test her commitment to him. Unknown to Jenny, her husband is making money on her indignities.

The story ends with her having to submit to the indignities of her boss and her husband.

I think that it all ends well financially)for all the women... or does it?

Let me know whether you like it or not, and why? I don't know if I am good enough to improve it by rewriting it. The goal was to create a provacative story with a plot and lots of sex.