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April 17, 2012
Posted at 2:52 pm

Need help and an announcement

I'm going to start publishing my works as Kindle ebooks. That means they are going to be removed from sites such as this. The first set will be all the Cousin Linda series.

If anyone out there can draw, drop me a line. I need about 15 or 16 pencil or charcoal drawings, about what you'd find in a coloring book for a 4 year old. Christmas tree with star, heart with arrow, 4 leaf clover, etc. The cover will be a figure from the back, all black and white with brilliant red hair. That cover will be the same for 5 volumes, then the wedding book will have man woman and daughter getting married, again black and white except for red hair for woman and daughter.

I have specs for all the drawings. Drop me an email, I'll send them, we can talk price.