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April 16, 2012
Posted at 1:17 pm
Updated: April 16, 2012 - 2:15 pm

Fewer Brambles in the Garden?

My first week back at school was so awful, I actually thought I couldn't get another page of my current story novel done for the next two months or so, but things seemed to be lightening up a little.

I had three full free days last week to enjoy without homework or other due projects, so I took a long rest on Wednesday and then wrote something like 18,000 words in a frenzy on Thursday and Friday. I think I beat my most productive day ever by nearly 5k words!

Anyway, this meant that I've completed Chapters 12 through 15, and even already have most of them back from editing! I've just posted Chapter 12 (I wanted to do it yesterday, Sunday, but just had too much else to do). I'll post Chapters 13 & 14 next weekend, with 15 kept in reserve for the next week. I think I'll have a free writing day or two later this week as well and with a similar big crunch, I might be able to nearly finish off this part of the story somewhere between Chapter 18 to 20. Then this story will take a rest for awhile so I can do other things (like Arc Deco, Baleful Sky, When the Hunter, and another new novel).

In the upcoming chapters I've gently glanced upon several other story codes that I probably won't actually mark the story with. In my opinion they're incidental and non-recurring, enough so that they probably won't squick anyone. If your comfort zone is slightly stretched, just skip ahead a little bit then please. I just thought the scene was important to the actual story and it's not really there for stroke purposes anyway. I'll probably comment on this again, once I post that particular chapter.

For the folks (several of you) asking when I'll start lightening up on the overwhelming pressure on our hero, the answer is 'not quite yet'. But I can say that after the next three chapters or so that he will have hit rock bottom, with up being the only direction left to go. Sure, some of this is depressing, but it's all happening for a reason.

One of my readers commented once (and aptly) that I have a habit of putting my heroes into situations where any normal person would fall apart and go running for the hills. I can't help it, I love cliffhanger endings to chapters, just like the old 1950's movie serials. Yeah my stories ARE slow... and sometimes it takes awhile to get to the main point, but sometimes also the journey is half of the fun!