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April 16, 2012
Posted at 12:29 pm

A quick note from Reno

I have little connectivity this week, so have to sit in a hotel lobby to update SOL, including today's chapter of "Model Student." But it's up. Unfortunately, I haven't been responding to people who have commented while I was traveling, so I'll get caught up on that today sometime.

I have a general outline for the sequel, tentatively titled "Triptych." Yeah, that's probably too esoteric for most folks, so I'll come up with something else by the time it's published. Also working on som other books this week as I hole up in a room that is smaller than my office at home but with far fewer interruptions, including no phone and now internet. It's so primitive!

I do hope you all enjoy this next-to-last chapter of "Model Student." Let me know your ideas and any characters you'd like to show up in the next book!