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Should have a chapter Saturday

April 13, 2012
Posted at 8:52 pm

An update, for those who want such things. The current chapter is done, apart from changing one small bit just because SOMEONE thought a line was horrible electrical engineering. Luckily, it should be an easy change, and I just have to figure out the wording. I'd have the story out this evening apart from one small problem: I've lost contact with my translator. Bill, your email box is full, so drop me a line when you get a chance. For now, before being forced to use a translation program, I've asked a friend who is way too busy being driven insane dealing with the Malay government to do a quick and dirty translation on seven or eight sentences. With luck, she'll have time to do it today and it'll be waiting for me Saturday. Worst case, I'll put the chapters up with bad translations then repost later. I don't want you guys to go too long without a chapter!