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April 11, 2012
Posted at 11:03 am

Looking to the future

There are only three chapters left to post in "Model Student." *Sigh* It's tempting to just post them all at one time and be done, but I'll draw this out another week. While I'm "drawing" it, I'll be taking a break in Reno for a week. I have a couple of projects to finish, including working on some edits of "Model Student." I'm also putting together the plan for the sequel.

My intention is to post a completely revised version of "Model Student" around the first of June. That will coincide with two exciting events for me. The first is publishing the slightly condensed commercial version of the story. I'll make that announcement when the time comes. The second, is beginning posting the sequel.

<Look inside the author's mind>I interview my characters. talking to myself, I know. But I find that when I conduct an interview, the character often takes over and let's me know exactly what he or she thinks. Since the actual story is told from a single perspective, sometimes (in fact usually) most of the information from other individuals is lost. So, I've been thinking that I might share the interviews as a separate story that I'll add to as I'm posting the Sequel to "Model Student." I want to be careful about how/when I post each one, so there won't be spoilers in them. But who doesn't want to hear a little from Lissa, Melody, Kate, Allison, or Bree? Wouldn't you like to know a little more about Sonia and Thor? Amy and Sandra? Wendy and Beth? Ooops! Who is Beth? :-)</Look>

Well, if you like that idea, let me know. I expect that when I repost the new version I will create a series title which will be "Model Student." The current story will be retitled "The Other Side of the Easel." The new story is tentatively titled "Triptych." The interviews would simply be "Interviews" or something equally exciting.

Well, I've got html to edit. New chapter tomorrow!