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The fangirl "squee"

April 11, 2012
Posted at 11:03 am

There are two reasons many people post stories online. Well, probably more, but I'll focus on two. One is because you want to write stories people like. If you post something people rebel agains, well, you don't do that again. Another reason may be because you want to connect to people who like the kind of stories you write. You know they're not going to have a universal fan base, so you hope to search out a large enough crowd of readers to feed your ego enough to continue.

My stories, on average, get about a thousand readers. Those that get many more (not counting re-reads) tend to get lower ratings, so obviously I have to write less attractive descriptions. But, that said, I think a recent pair of emails by a female fan show the type of reader I should be focusing on.

Her first letter, regarding the first chapter of The Bells of Tanah:

"Yay, more teen sex in space! I appreciate your fermented, fertile mind. I just hope you include the sapphic moments again :)"

A fan of The Waifs, obviously, and I think I recall her commenting on that too. Her email this morning, though, after reading chapter two was very fun:

"your fetid mind should be feted in all the reading salons. a 4 eyed geeky monkey girl speaking something Malaysianish. -squee- "

My friends, we have my target audience!