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New Series and Other Random Thoughts

April 10, 2012
Posted at 5:39 am

My shotgun approach to story writing is somewhat confusing to even myself. In order to keep my brain on even keel as I move from story to story like a drunken butterfly, I have devised an excel file that registers pertinent statistics about the stories. This particular site is endowed with a well-organized analysis section that puts the stories into a comparative analysis. My writings may be scattered but I am a lover of logic. Some of my recent series are so unrelated that I must shift gears and "get in the mood" before continuing future chapters. I particularly enjoyed writing the adult western series "Blood on the Moon". I feel it was a bit more developed than my earlier "No Strangers Allowed in Tombstone" I noticed that several readers alluded to the "error" concerning the spelling of the detective agency in the story. I assure you it was done to assuage unwanted attention from the quite real organization mentioned. The series I just recently started called "Sexy Sue The Obedient Secretary" is set in 1939 England, an era I find most intriguing. Issues of lingering Victorian morality and gender bias meet the brave new world with a "Secretary" erotic flavor. Class distinctions seem to evaporate in the privacy of inimate activities. The series that really turns me on is the political spoof "Some People Would Say..." The female PM is deliciously promiscuous and yet dignified and aloof from mere mortals. I was to a large degree inspired by a memorable BBC miniseries about a male PM with base instincts. Last, but not least, is the series called "The Face of a Clown" I am working on chapter 3 now and feel I will close this one out at either 4 or 5 chapters. My thought here I sense was evolved from a lingering rememberance of "La Strada" with the lovely Guilietta Massina playing the Clown to strongman Anthony Quinn. The flavor of anonymous sex was inspired by a dear friend who preferred simple brown paper bags vs greasepaint to disguise her stunning beauty. Some fetishes are odd to all except to those imbued with them. I have decided to continue both my "Heidi" series and the "Sal the Super, The Nookie King of the Bronx" series since both have a limitless plot and the characters are still not completely developed. The spinoff of "Heidimarie" from "Heidi" was done to continue the dark side of "Heidi" as the original character cleaned up her act and became more romantic than erotic. The evolving incestuous aspects of the orignal story came from pure intentions and natural instincts. Although incest can be a dirty secret ignored by most, it tends to make some readers uptight with even the thought. I respect both points of view and can see it is an age old conflict of logic vs emotions. Enough said on that contentious issue.