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April 9, 2012
Posted at 10:35 pm
Updated: May 6, 2012 - 2:55 pm

The Kaufman Center For The Performing Arts opened just recently. I think it cost about $400,000,000 to build.
It was designed by Moshe Safde, who designed the "Habitat" project in Montreal for the 1960 World's Fair. I went up to see that. When the Kaufman Foundation opened, I went to see it. There were 50,000 people who stood in line during a slight drizzle of rain to get inside. The line snaked back and forth around several blocks. Once we got close to the theatre, the line criss-crossed back and forth several times.

There was a woman who was in her middle thirties, to middle forties in a line facing me. As the lines moved, we passed each other. I only saw her for a minute or so.

She had short black hair, high-heeled, suede boots that zipped up the sides. She had a dark form-fitting very short dress that buttoned down the front. She had either "panty hose"(?) or black "tights"(?) with a similar ribbed pattern.

We never had the opportunity to talk. She never even looked at me. There are many, many young women who looke like her, but she stood out in my mind and I will probably never forget that look.

I have used this memory and image for the basis of most of the stories that I have written and posted.

I believe that these kind of "ordinary" women who may never have been rated "spectacular" in their youth, get "Lifetime Achievement Points" for being trim and attractive going into mid-life, after raising children, working, and been through so much of life's problems.

During the recent Final Four NCAA Tournament, I was in Lawrence, Kansas on a Saturday afternoon. There must be some kind of un-written dress code among young women that dictates: Nobody shall appear in public without wearing short, short cut-off jeans, or dress of similar length.

They were fabulous! Still, not very many will look as good as my "Jenny" when they are of a similar age.