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Trudi 3

April 7, 2012
Posted at 2:39 pm

For those who wonder - and there must be some, as I have had plenty of feedback, favourite author tagging, etc. - Trudi 3 has been half-finished, and proofed, but I'm holding it back until the second half is ready so I can upload the whole thing in one go.

Two reasons.

One, purely selfish, is that there's no sex, no Trudi flashing herself, nothing but a lot of interesting talking in the first half. This is SOL, and I suspect that if I were to post that on its own, well, it wouldn't score too well here. And, someday, I'd love to have written and scored enough to get Premier membership. <g>

Secondly, Trudi 3 needs to be read in one piece as the the first half sets up a lot of what follows, and reading it in two mini chapters would mess with that. Poor Simon thinks he knows so much, and Sandra, and then Trudi, are about to show him, in their own ways, how little he really understands. Plus, Trudi gets naked. More than once. Sigh.

So, patience folks, it's coming, soonish, but I've got three weeks of revision and two weeks of exams, so it may be another couple of months.

Hopefully I will have more time to write over the summer, before next semester when we've been warned it gets really heavy.