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Bells of Tanah ch.2 coming soon

April 6, 2012
Posted at 10:15 pm

Well, the new story is almost up to a thousand readers. Given that's about the average for my stories, I'd say we're on track. I'm not worried about the ratings, given none of you know what the hell the plot is yet. Chapter two, which starts to set things up, is written and edited, and just waiting for some final input from my new helper team (who I'll call Team Malay for now). Chapter three should, with luck, finish what I'm calling the "pilot episode" of the story. The pieces will be in place, and it will be time to have some fun!

About the chapters. This story, I think, will be in the Waifs format rather then what I usually use. For stuff like the Ai and Taylor stories, on my end there are no chapters. I simply divide them up as I write based on size and good pausing points for posting to SOL. When I put them on my ASSTR page, I remove the chapters. Bells of Tanah, however, I will be writing as individual chapters. Each will be as long as it has to be to finish that part of the story, and the longer the chapter the longer the break between postings. You're only getting chapter two this soon because I came to a point that made a natural chapter break, and it was still early enough to catch SciFi Nut before the weekend.