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April 5, 2012
Posted at 9:48 pm

30,000 Downloads? For Real?

It's such a cool milestone that I actually sat refreshing the screen until I saw the number roll over like watching the mileage on your car when all the 9s roll up and become all 0s. At fifteen chapters, that means that around 2,000 of you are actually caught up and staying current with the story. I'm blown away!

At the same time, this is the first time that I've gotten a couple of really negative comments sent to me about a chapter. I had to share one of them with you:

"well i cant say i liked this last chapter one bit.
sure its a strange relation ship but he love makes
people do crazy things.
if you break up this threesome you kill the story
big time.
and i am getting this gut feeling that you are
doing exactly that and my gut feelings are almost
never wrong."

Well, let's face it. If that's what happens I might have to kill myself in addition to the story. But there's one plot that's been around for a few thousand years: Boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy gets girl. Well, in Tony's case, I guess that's plural.

Some of you might have read what I have to say on the SOL forums, but there's a reason that my story is coded as Romance instead of Erotica, even though I've put a lot more sex in the story than I ever anticipated. I'm writing romance because, unlike my commercial mysteries, I wanted to write "happily ever after."

But as you know, that never comes till the end!