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Questions about 'Who's In Charge'

April 3, 2012
Posted at 7:40 pm

A reader came up with some good points about the events in Chapter 21, that I thought I'd try to clear up.

First, he pointed out that Alex wanted to leave a Seer in charge of the local community, and that it seemed pretty discriminatory.

I'll admit, that was really a mistake on my part. Alex's issue wasn't with who is "in charge", rather it's his attempt to address his somewhat paranoid fears that, if word of their abilities leak out, the 'authorities' may overreact, attempting to corral and lockup everyone they can find while they seek to control them. Thus he's more interested in an 'early warning system'. He needs a Seer for this role, because, if everyone is rounded up and placed in camps without being able to call anyone, a Seer could reach out. Either to him, or if he isn't around any more, to anyone else in the community.

The 'priority' of his followers (i.e. whether he favors Seers over Watchers over Normals), that gets addressed further on. I'm trying to keep each chapter limited to only a single issue or two (or three). This chapter (#21) is focused on Alex's becoming aware of new issues he hadn't faced before. He'll try to address them in future chapters, and later on, he'll specifically address that very issue (specifically reaching out to 'type 3s'.

He also pointed out that Cate seems to keep making the same mistake, in that she did the same thing she did with Henry and Kelly (i.e. telling them about his 'boosting' them sexually when they weren't ready to hear it).

Again, that was an oversight on my part. Cate should have known better. The idea is that, when Alex hesitates to mention something, someone else tends to fill in the details. But I'm switching it from Cate to Gail just to avoid making Cate look like she's slow.

Finally, and I've heard this before, he complained that for as much as Alex complains about 'having to have sex with large numbers of women every night'. This is an important issue. His complaints, his 'whining' really, is another sign of his being overwhelmed. He's well aware of his responsiblities, and what he needs to do, but that doesn't mean he's comfortable with them.

However, he knows that if he only has a limited amount of time to create a new community of people, then he needs to both activate and boost as many people as he can. This gives those in each community more 'tools' to succeed, but it also provides for a large number of boosted individuals in case he isn't there to do it later.

That's a lot of issues, and I hope I haven't worn you out, but they seemed like pretty central issues that needed to be cleared up.