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March 30, 2012
Posted at 10:21 am

Gardening isn't easy...

Sorry first of all for the nearly two week delay getting Chapter 8 posted. I plead craziness at school with finals and severe mental exhaustion last week. Chapter 9 is still off at editing but has a slight chance of getting posted later this weekend. Chapter 10 is nearly done and will go off to editing today and hopefully Chapter 11 as well. I've got a full uninterrupted day to write today and I intend to use it! School starts again next week and this will cut down my writing time once again.

I foresee at least six more chapters to the story, just to bring the tale to the EOTW point. Undoubtedly I could go on semi-indefinitely after that, but I probably won't. The vote scoring isn't nearly good enough to justify that. This story has been fun, but also extremely frustrating to write. It has been one of those rare stories that hasn't come out quite the way I'd originally intended it and even now my outline and calendar notes are a complete jumble, with the plot (and subplots) just refusing to stay nailed down where I'd originally placed them.

Where is the story going? Some of you might ask. Actually 90%+ of the setup is now just about completed and the plot is about ready to significantly progress, and much more rapidly. Trixie the Slut is also about to reach her long awaited day of reckoning and I doubt anyone is going to sincerely miss her! As for the 'Secret Garden'? Hehe..... ;)